The Johnny California Official 2008 Ballot Proposition Explanations and Recommendations

October 27, 2008 by  
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The Johnny California Editorial Board presents our official 2008 Ballot Proposition Explanations and Recommendations.

1A Bonds for High Speed Train: YES Explained
2 Standards for Confining For Animals: NO Explained
3 Bonds for Maintaining Children’s Hospitals: YES Explained
4 Parental Notice Before Terminating Minor’s Pregnancy: NO Explained
5 Non-Violent Drug Offender Rehabilitation Act: YES Explained
6 Local Law Enforcement Funding and New Crime Laws: NO Explained
7 Renewable Energy Act: NO Explained
8 Constitutional Ban on Same Sex Marriage: NO Explained
9 Crime Victim’s Rights Act: NO Explained
10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Act:NO Explained
11 State Assembly and State Senate Redistricting: YES Explained
12 California Veteran’s Home Loan Fund: YES Explained

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2 Responses to “The Johnny California Official 2008 Ballot Proposition Explanations and Recommendations”
  1. andy bates says:

    thanks for taking the time to write your explanations. It was informative and thoughtful. regardless if we agree with your recommendations or not it is empowering to have your info available to us so we can make well informed decisions.


    Johnny California Reply:

    Thank you very much for the kind words!! We’ve learned a lot from doing this, we’re glad so glad to hear that it helped, it’s truly why we do this.

    And yes, whichever way people vote, we just hope that their decisions are as well-informed as possible. After we take a breather after our big “ballot prop result” postings tonight, we’ll start back up covering other California issues.


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