The Sun Rises in The West: November 20, 2008

If anyone lost 10,000 pounds of weed off Newport Beach, give the coast guard a call [OC Register]

And speaking of weed, here’s a list of the most underrated Muppets — we completely agree with #1  [Topless Robot]

After reading this report, we’re thinking that the state should just dry all the weed out, sell it and tax it. [Capitol Alert]

Selling it is an especially good idea since there’s no more room in California prisons.  At the prison healthcare trial yesterday, Corrections Department officials from around the country called California prisons “unmanageable.” [San Jose Mercury News]

A very good article about ballot proposition reform, 78% of Californians want a system where ballot measures are looked at, before they get on the ballot, to make sure they are enforceable and drafted correctly.  Gee…what a novel idea! [Oakland Tribune]

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